Saturday, April 12, 2008

Back From the Dead...

Did you miss me?!

Bet you have been wondering where in the world I've been!! Well, that is a story for another morning when I have a bit more time than right now. Suffice it to say that The Sour Dough has been on an unplanned hiatus due to technical difficulties. (The Sour Dough on Blogger is a live running backup of my home site at If you are reading this on Blogger, take a wander over there and see all the additional site features!)

You see last week Earthlink telepathically determined that we wanted to terminate our high speed internet service and authorized Comcast, who provides the actual Earthlink cable internet service in Cambridge, MA where the server The Sour Dough is hosted on is located, to turn off our the pole. Yup, some time on Wednesday a guy drove up to the house in Cambridge, climbed up the pole and pulled the plug.

The thing is neither W nor I authorized either Earthlink or Comcast to disconnect us.

This was a snafu on Earthlink's part followed by a tragedy of errors on Comcast's part. The first person we both spoke to was very apologetic but because they had disconnected us at the pole, something we found out was unusual and had everyone we talked to at Comcast scratching their head, there was nothing she could do to restore our service on Wednesday night and the soonest anyone could come back was on Friday sometime between 7am and 7pm.

So, why weren't we back up last night? Apparently, the tech decided goingt to the pub instead of up the pole was more important. The tech that came to the house today was flabbergasted. Anyways, we are back and I'm so glad.

OK, it is early here and I'm off for a day of travel and fun but next week we'll be back with bread, a few photos, and recipes for sure.