Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Simple Last Supper

There are nights when I'm traveling for business that I just don't feel like going out on the town and having a huge meal and lots of adult beverages with my colleagues. These nights typically follow either a hedonistic dinner the night before or are the last meal I have before boarding an airplane for a really long flight.

If it is the last night on a long trip, quite often I'll order a simple salad and a bowl of fruit from room service and spend the evening in my pjs packing to navigate airport security the next day. But if I'm in a city I particularly love, like London or Paris, I will pack and then venture out to a small restaurant off the tourist path to enjoy one last meal with the locals. This last meal on this particular trip was no exception especially now that I've added Moscow to one of my favourite cities to visit.

On this night, I didn't need to venture far to find a good light meal containing all the local delicacies. All I had to do is push down on the elevator and wander to the Diamond Bar for a light supper that included a plate of smoked fish, a small lobster, and caviar

and some fresh from the griddle bread.

To finish my meal I had a piece of hazelnut mousse cake and washed it all down with a glass of Russian champagne (OK, maybe there were two or three of these!).

Since you can't take Russian rubles with you when you leave and the exchange rate back to US dollars is awful, it is best to try and spend as many of them as you can before you leave. Luckily, I had just a little more than needed to pay my bill in cash and leave just enough for a Russian Kit Kat bar at the airport.

I somehow don't think this is the type of light meal I'm having tomorrow night...