Sunday, September 14, 2008

WCB #171 Round-Up: While Mom's Away the Cats Will Play!

Mom's still away but she's letting me use the computer to get the round-up for this installment of Weekend Cat Blogging up!

WCB 171 LB Host

First up we have Kitikata-san showing off her present she got from her one of her humans!
Kitikata for WCB #171
I love it when I get a present from Mom so I know Kitikata-san must love her new "friends".

Next up, Othello, one of the three cats at Paulchin's, isn't happy with Mom either.
Othello for WCB 171
Seems that Mom's all over the cat blogosphere are leaving us alone to our own devices!

Brownie, our favourite non-kittie Hampster friend was stunned to discover that Stellaluna doesn't have 5 toesies!

WCB 171: Stellaluna's 4 toesies!

Brownie, don't fret, at least you have opposable digits.

Next up, if you still haven't decided who to vote for in the Presidential race or you really hate both the nimrods we have to choose from (my word, not Mom's. Mom is a rabid liberal Demo-CRAT and has mad up her mind for the only choice,) Cato has an idea...

wcb171 Cato for Prez

Vote for the Cat!

Fridolin from Rosa's Yummy Yums lets Mom take all the pictures she wants.

WCB 171: Rosas Fridolin

I think that is great because sometime Mom has to chase me around the house to get a good photo!

Meeoza and friend Cece prove that Ike isn't the only Category 2 hurricane hanging around!

mogmeowza a hurricane?

I get yelled at when I even get to category 1, so they are really lucky to be allowed to be Category 2.

My favourite musical kittie Luna is resting up from a tiring week.

WCB: Luna!

I love to sleep like that too!

Tigger and Samantha both got Wild and Wooley with Catnip toys!

WCB171: Wild-Tigger

I don't like catnip except this band camp...

I LOVE salmon but I'm not fighting Pepi over at House of Mostly Black Cats for a morsel of goodness!

WCB171: pepi-clawsofdoom

I don't want to see the claws of doom anytime soon.

OH NO! The kitties on House of Chaos are missing their brother Zorro.

WCB 171: Zorrolegrumpy

Go over and send some good love their way so that Zorro comes home soon!

Mina and I may not speak the same language but we both love flowers!

WCB171: Mina

Look at how Mina likes to hide under the pretty purple ones.

Mom's been visiting wineries on her vacation but she hasn't seen as many kitties at Sammawow had seen!

WCB: winerykitties

Looks like there is more than wine on the menu at those vineyards.

Mom isn't the only Bread Baking Babe with a sense of political humour or a good understanding of cosmetics!


Her fellow Babe Karen of Bake My Day has a kittie trying to get lipstick out of her fur. What colour is it? Jungle Red perhaps?!

Last but hardly least, Sasha has a cat by the tail over at Music and Cats!

WCB171: sasha grabs tail

Hmmm...Sergi, if I was you, I'd show Sasha who really was boss of the house.

Wow! We had a lot of good kitties show up this weekend for Weekend Cat Blogging. I can't thank you each enough. In case you didn't know, this week was suppose to be Sher of What Did You Eat's weekend to host. Mom and Sher were friends through food blogs and when Sher left us July to be an angel, Mom said she would host the weekends Sher had signed up for. Mom still misses Sher as do all the kitties and their Moms/Dads in WCB.

Thanks for joining me and keeping me company while Mom visits Gettysburg and then goes to see some battlefields from the Civil War in the Shenandoah Valley. When Mom called the cat sitter tonight to turn on the computer, she sent this picture for me.

This is the most famous view of Devil's Den as it looks today.

Devils Den at Gettysburg

And this is a picture of Little Round Top from the top of the Devils Den.

Little Round Top at Gettysburg

Mom said she walked in the path of her ancestors today.

Monument for the Michigan 4th at Gettysburg

She said it was very moving to stand where almost 150 years ago the fate of the United States was decided, knowing that in less the three months the fate of the United States will be decided again but not by bullets but rather by ballots.