Saturday, September 06, 2008

Weekend Cat Blogging: Awards and One Very Cranky Lady Lives Here

To rephrase one of Mom's favorite actress' most famous lines, "Fasten your seat belts folks, it's going to be bumpy ride".

I just took the computer from Mom because she was ready to throw it out in the rain from Tropical Storm Hannah and was inventing new cuss words about how slow the internet is today. I'm telling you I am not amused.

I'm Ready for My Close Up

I told her to go make something in the kitchen for me to eat or better yet, go take a nice long hot shower. Besides, everyone always emails Mom and tells her how much they like it when I write the Weekend Cat Blogging post!

You see Mom is really and I mean REALLY cranky right now. Mom is on a diet because her doctor wants her to lose some more weight than she has the past year and keep at bay some family health issues like diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease. Mom said that not having some of her favorite foods and lowering the amount of caffeine she normally drinks during the day is making her mad all the time, along with giving her a headache.

Mom was feeling really run down and had been getting sick all the time this past summer, so when she got back from her last business trip she went to see her doctor for a full physical. While everything came back basically normal, Mom's doctor was a bit worried that her sugar levels and blood pressure were borderline for pre-diabetes and hypertension. Since Mom's doctor believes in natural health remedies first and then using prescription medicines, they both sat down and figured out how to help Mom. They decided that doing a modified version of South Beach was the best way to try and get Mom's blood sugar and blood pressure lower without having to use drugs.

So, Mom is in the middle of Phase 1 of South Beach, meaning Mom has given up carbs, sugar, baked goods, alcohol, and is limiting her caffeine intake to no more than two 8 oz servings for two weeks. The toughest thing that Mom has had to give up is bread, especially since Mom bakes so much bread all the time.

Mom has said that this doesn't mean she isn't going to bake bread or other treats ever again, it just means for right now she has to give it all away and when she can bake them again, she has to be really careful about how much she tries. So, for everyone who wrote Mom about taking a break from Daring Bakers and was worried, that is why she is taking a break from one of her favourite online baking groups.

Mom said that not having some of her favorite foods and lowering the amount of caffeine she normally drinks during the day is making her mad all the time, along with having a headache. She told me this morning when she yelled at me for meowing at my normal time she was sorry but boy is she cranky!

Because Mom has been so busy with work and focusing on changing the way she bakes and cooks to make her more healthy, she hasn't had a chance to thank some really nice and great people and friends who gave her some awards for her blog!

First Dharm at Dad ~ Baker & Chef, Jenny at All Things Edible, and Christine at She Runs, She Eats gave Mom the Brilliant Weblog Award.

Brillante Weblog Award

Then Judy at Judy Gross Eats gave Mom the E for Excellent Award.

Excellent Blog Award

Mom is really appreciative for receiving these from some of the people considers good blogging friends and great bloggers in their own rights. Mom is suppose to pass these on to deserving blogs but she can't decide who to give it to, so if you are on her RSS Feed Reader, consider yourself awarded.

Weekend Cat Blogging is being hosted this weekend by Mom's good friends over at Paulchen's Food Blog! Go see the other kitties over there.

OH, and guess what Mom just told me! We are hosting next weekend!! That is going to be a feat because Mom leaves on vacation on Saturday morning. Guess that means I'll be in charge doesn't it...