Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Off Down South For Thanksgiving

I'm off tomorrow before the sun even rises to head down to Tennessee for Thanksgiving. I'm spending the holiday with Wren's mother and the extended family. I admit I'm looking forward to seeing them under better circumstances than when I visited two months ago. I'm hoping that I can enjoy my time with her and the family. It will be sad in many ways but hopefully it will also be good for us all.

We are going to The Martha Washington Inn for Thanksgiving. The Inn was a girl's finishing school during the Civil War and has a very interesting history. I'm looking forward to the meal and looking around the Inn.

I'm leaving LB in charge of the house while I'm gone but I'm not sure he will have a chance to log on and write for Weekend Cat Blogging. Diamond Eagle Eyes is hosting this weekend in case you and your kitties want to participate.

When I get back, get ready for the holiday baking to begin. I already warned the office to expect some really good stuff...