Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Yes We Did!

(Food programming will return tomorrow)

President Elect Obama on the Campaign Trail

Are you ready for change? I am. And so are 63,896,967 of my fellow Americans.

Now the real work begins for us all.

If we are to bring about the change President Elect Obama has been talking about for the past twenty-one months and that we elected him to start, then each and every one of us, regardless of which party we belong to, what our personal feelings are about those guys on the other side of the political aisle, and who we voted for yesterday, need to roll up our collective sleeves and be ready to help get the job done.

This is too important for us to mess it up with the partisan bull-crap of the past eight to twelve years and I'm not just talking about the boneheads in Washington. I'm talking about how for the past eight to twelve years we have been so divided by the extremists of BOTH parties that we can't even have civil discourse or needed compromise on the floors of the Federal, state and local governments throughout our land, the school hallways, and even the Starbucks in Westport.

The world is watching but more importantly our children are watching. So, knock it off or all 63,896,968 of us who voted for change and hope are going to knock some skulls together.

Got it?! Good.

See you by the sign-up sheet!