Sunday, November 09, 2008

Weekend Cat Blogging #179 Round Up: Dozing on the Job

This weekend has been a bit crazy around here. Mom wasn't feeling very well on Saturday and ended up sleeping most of the day, leaving me to my own devices. I was a pretty good cat most of the day. I only got into a little trouble when I jumped on the dresser.

Today she had to leave and go into the office for a little bit after she went out for coffee. Now, she is in the kitchen with her best friend Sara and they are making two types of bread, the Bread Baking Babe recipe of the month and something that Mom is calling "Wing It Bread". I'll bet she invents new cuss words in the kitchen today...

Guess I'm left do the round up on my own, so let's get on with it shall we!

First in on Friday were the kitties over at The Cat Realm. They were handing out dares to all the kitties and other furry critters who asked to be dared.

Next, Rocky and his talented artist people at Artsy Catsy have some wonderful goodies that they are selling over at their place to help Moki and Criz with some bills. Rocky even got to jump on the table to show off some pretty plates!

WCB 179 Round Up: Rocky on table

Always pretty and thoughtful is our friend, MuMu over at Rosa's Yummy Yums. The poetry and pictures are purrfect.

WCB 179 Round Up:Rosas Mumu Looking 1

OH NO! Luna and Amar are in the bunker again. Seems that some nasty person decided to attack their site and they lost everything. Good thing they have backups

WCB 179 Round Up: Luna

Patchouli is having a belly laugh at Sidewalk Shoes this weekend.

WCB 179 Round Up:patchoulilaughing

Lucy and Leo at Der Suppenkasper are hanging out enjoying the high life this weekend.

WCB 179 Round Up:lucy

WCB 179 Round Up:leo

Meowza posted on two blogs this weekend, Mom's Mind of Mog and his own blog IMeowza. Getting outside to roll around is a wonderful thing.

WCB 179 Round Up:Meowza

Samantha and Mr. Tigger at Life From A Cat's Perspective are all over the place this weekend. But they did find time to have a group hug.

WCB 179 Round Up:tiggersamanthahugging

More snuggling was going on at Music and Cats this weekend. I love to see all this togetherness and unity!

WCB 179 Round Up:musiccatshug

Figaro at Dans ma toute petite cuisine is looking forward to some Osso Buco and looking darn cute waiting for it to be ready.

WCB 179 Round Up:figaro

Tristan has found out the benefits of not having to hunt for his food over at Tabbylicious this weekend.

WCB 179 Round Up:Tristanwoods

Diamond Emerald Eyes is showing us a Baker's Dozen of our feline friends enjoying the fall weather.

Mom really good friend and keeper of the WCB schedule Astrid and Othello, Kashim, and Salome are doing some Fall Cleaning and all the kitties got a nice clean kat tree. Mom won't let me get one of them because I broke a window at Grandma and Grandpas house once with my cousin, Traverse's tree.

WCB 179 Round Up:KashimOthello

Everyone is feeling better at Diva Kitty and there was trip to a market too! Napping makes everything better as far as I'm concerned.

WCB 179 Round Up: Diva Kitty sleep

Well that is everyone who stopped by this weekend to see us! Thanks for coming by Mom's site. She was so proud of me for doing this round up that she just gave me a bit of bacon she made for one of the breads she is making today.

The only thing better than a nap in the sun

LB in a Late Fall Sun Spot

is bacon!

Next weekend our good friends Luna and Amar are hosting. Hopefully they will be back home and not hiding out in the FEMA trailer...