Wednesday, July 23, 2008

For Sher - A Celebration of Food

On this upcoming Sunday, July 27th, the Bread Baking Babes are holding an online celebration of life for our sister, Sher, who passed away suddenly on July 20th; leaving a huge hole in our hearts and an empty seat in our virtual classroom of bread that will never be filled.

Sher was the hilarious, generous and giving soul behind the food blog "What Did You Eat". Not only was Sher's blog filled with some of the most fantastic looking food and recipes, but Sher shared with us her cats Upsie, Sundance, Pumpkin, and Laura along with a cast of a thousand "vermin" (that's Upsie-speak for squirrels).

Sher's humour was infectious and her laughter and love of life came through loud and clear in every post. I can tell you that on the private BBB blog, we could count on Sher to add levity to any moment, whether the issue be do we or don't we get embroidered panties (Sher voted MOST DEFINITELY) to how do you get your hand out of the wettest dough you've ever felt after it got sucked into the dough mass like stepping into quicksand (You tug really, really hard but put goggles on first and duck because the dough will go flying).

So, in celebration of Sher, we are asking her friends from the various online groups she actively participated in, Daring Bakers, Weekend Herb Blogging, Weekend Cat Blogging, Presto Pasta Nights, and any other of her online friends and family to become honorary Babes for the Day.

We would like you to go to her blog, "What Did You Eat", and select a recipe that meets your fancy, make the dish, take a few pictures and blog about Sher's wonderful food and share your memories of her with us.

Then send an email to me or Sara of I Like To Cook with your name, your blog's name, and a link to your "For Sher" post.

We'll get them to our fellow Babe, Glenna of A Fridge Full of Food, who wrote such a moving post about her best friend, and who will make sure that Sher's family will get a chance to see the feast of Sher's food all over the web.

A fitting tribute to a super lady and friend who loved to cook and bake...