Saturday, July 26, 2008

Weekend Cat Blogging: Playing with String

Mom's back has slowly been getting better this week which is a good thing because she has to leave on a really big business trip on Sunday.

I think the fact that I was by her side the entire week while she stayed home and rested helped. Today, she even felt good enough to go to work for a few hours and then come home and get my new ball out from under the couch.

LB Finally Gets His Ball Out from Under the Bar

She also found my favourite string hiding under a pile of cookbooks she has by her bedside.

LB plays with string

It is the orange one that came on a package from Santa last Christmas.

She let me play with it on my own but then she said I needed to get some exercise because I had been lazy all week and made me roll over trying to grab the string.

More LB and String

I wanted to tell her it wasn't me lying around flat on my back all week!

Even though Mom's back is feeling better, she said she still wasn't up to going to the grocery store to pick up food and cat liter for me. She also was out of milk and needed something for a special recipe she is posting about tomorrow. She said she was going to let Peapod deliver the groceries for her.

I kept thinking a giant from a beanstalk was going to walk through the front door with my cat food but it was a really nice young man who brought my cat food and Mom's stuff through the door.

Peapod Delivers LB's Supplies

He even gave me a pat on the head and said I would be very happy with all the good things he brought me.

I looked in the bag. I didn't see any Kitty Crack

Kitty Crack

or new toys in the bags so I'm not sure what he was smoking...

Anyways, Mom is all set for her trip and now that I have food in the house, so am I. But I'll miss Mom while she is gone, even if I will have my cat sitter come play with me.

The only bad thing that happened was Mom's friend Sher, from What Did You Eat left us on Sunday. Mom was pretty sad all week about it because she said Sher always came and read my posts and then told Mom in email how funny she thought I was. Mom told me that her friend Sher was now in Heaven and was going to be her cats Upsie and Sundance and watch over all of us kitties and furry animals. I remember Upsie because Upsie had learned to type just like me except Upsie had to deal with Vermin. I'm sorry Mom's friend, Sher is gone and I'm sorry for her family.

Weekend Cat Blogging is being hosted this weekend at our friends Kashim and Othello's house in honor of Sher. Their Mom Paulchens is going to do the hosting of WCB on her food site because Sher was a food friend of hers too.