Friday, July 18, 2008

WCB: Someone Needs To Look After Mom

Things sure have been quiet around here this week haven't they?
LB ready for his closeup
There has been a very good reason for that too!

You see on Tuesday, Mom went and did a stupid thing at work and picked up this big box that had a bunch of amplifiers in them and went and threw her back out. Silly Mom. Of course, when Mom did this to her back did she go home and rest?

No, Mom decided to stay at work and finish the day because she has this dumb project she has been working late nights that is about to wrap up. She said she didn't come home because it wasn't hurting that bad but I know she was just trying to be a tough guy.

I also knew she was in big trouble when she hobbled in the front door, tossed her computer bag and purse onto the chest of drawers next to the door and went and got the heating pad out of the closet. Being ever mindful of her health and well being, I even tested it for her after she plugged it in!

LB Stealing My Heating Pad

Since Tuesday, Mom hasn't been out of bed very much. Oh, she has crawled out of bed hunched over like Quasimodo in the morning to make sure I had food in my bowl and stuff like that but she hasn't been in the kitchen to cook except to pour some milk on cereal and go back to bed. I like it when she has cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner because I get to lick some of the milk from bowl when she is done. I've also been staying pretty close to her on the bed
LB on Bed in July 08

just in case she needs a lick or needs to play with me. I feel bad for her and wish I could help her pick things up and do other things around the house.

Luckily, we have this really cool neighbor guy, Chris, who came over and checked on Mom. Chris watered Mom's garden

My Better Boy Tomato Plant
and brought her home dinner one night too. He's super nice.

Today, Chris left on a much deserved vacation to Maine. But, before he left on his vacation, he brought Mom breakfast and it wasn't just any type of breakfast but a good old fashioned New England breakfast of biscuits with maple syrup, bacon, butter and coffee! Mom said this breakfast couldn't get any more traditional.

Good New England Breakfast from My Neighbor Chris

I wouldn't know because Mom wouldn't give me any because she said I don't like bacon. OK, so when she gives me a piece of bacon I normally turn my nose up at it but maybe I would have liked Chris' bacon. Anyways, Mom was really thankful for having Chris around the past few days. He is a very good friend to us. Chris has just started a food blog called "Course Food" that is all about traditional New England fare. Mom said you should check it out sometime because not a lot of people talk about New England fare.

This afternoon Mom got up and looked in the fridge to see how her haul from last weekend's Fairfield and Westport Farmer's Market was doing since she didn't get a chance to cook with any of it.

Bounty of Fairfield and Westport Farmers Markets 07/13/08

She especially was sad because she had planned on baking some wonderful goodies with some of her new flour and these lovely fresh farm eggs.

Fresh Farm Eggs from Westport Farmers Market

She said she would try and do some baking this weekend, depending on how her back felt and that those of you who are waiting to see which recipes she chose would understand.

When Mom crawled back in bed she said only produce that didn't look so good were the bell peppers and greens. So, Mom said she would try and chop the bell peppers up and freeze them later today as she has been getting up for an hour or two here and there. She tossed the greens in a pan of low sodium chicken broth and red onions a bit ago to simmer for an hour or two. She said that would be her dinner over some brown rice.

The only food she bought all week was what she got at the farmer's markets last weekend and that only cost her $16.25. It was a little higher than normal for her at the farmer's market but she bought some ground lamb she was going to make lamb minced curry with this week. Luckily, she threw that in the freezer when she got home!

You know what the best thing she got at the Farmer's Market in Westport was last weekend? It wasn't the lovely eggs or cherries and it wasn't the gorgeous mushrooms or cilantro. Nope, it was a nice new organic wool ball for me!

LB Playing with his new ball

The only bad thing about the new ball is I have batted under the couch and Mom can't get it out for me right now. Sigh, stupid Mom's back.....

The cool kitties over at Catsynth are hosting this weekend. We are early with this post but we aren't sure how Mom's going to feel later. Anyways, tomorrow, you should go over there and see what piece of cool audio gear they are lying on. Mom doesn't let me lie on any of the cool audio gear she brings home. Maybe I should go visit there sometime!