Thursday, July 10, 2008

So Much Flour, So Little Time - Help Me Decide What to Bake

After organizing my pantry, including taking an inventory of my flours

My Flour Inventory

and then the surprise visit from the Flour Gods, I'm thinking this upcoming weekend is going to be one massive bakefest!

Champagne boy is out of town this weekend so I can get two full days of non stop baking in, with a break for the gym and my Sunday paper. The only problem I'm having is trying to decide exactly what to bake.

I have two things for sure on the docket that I can't talk about but if you are a long time reader, you can probably figure out they are the Daring Baker challenge and the BBB bread of the month. Otherwise, I'm torn...

So, here is the deal. I want you to help me figure out what I'm baking this weekend!

Leave me a comment with your suggestions by tomorrow, Friday, July 11, no later than 2pm US East Coast time. I'll pick a few, contact you by email to get the recipe if I don't already have one for the suggested goodie, and bake your treats.

Then, to thank you for all your help, I'm going to blog about all the treats and next week will be Reader's Choice week! I'm also going to choose one lucky recipient to receive a prize, a cookbook from my collection.

Some guidelines to help you decide what I should bake over the weekend:

  • Think travelability of the baked goods. Some of these baked goodies are heading on a little road trip on Monday.

  • I want to bake quite a bit this weekend and both the DB and BBB items are a bit time consuming, so think simple.

  • Easily available ingredients. I want to spend the weekend in my kitchen and not running around the greater NYC area hunting down a hard to find ingredient.

Otherwise, the sky is the limit.

I can't wait to read what I'm baking!