Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I'm a Bit Obsessed

When I posted about my King Arthur flour collection I received quite a few emails about how many flours I have and how I store my flour to keep it all fresh. Tonight, I decided to do a complete inventory. I hadn't done that since 2007 when I posted about it here at The Sour Dough. I had nineteen bags of flour then.

So, how many do I have now?



Twenty-six different types of flour.

Part of My Flour Collection 09

Two of my flour bags are 50lb bags of flour, Sir Galahad and Organic Select Artisan from King Arthur (I get them from a bakery locally that occasionally lets me use their large ovens for my catering jobs). The other flours from King Arthur are AP, Whole Wheat, White Wheat, Pumpernickel, Semolina, Buckwheat, Extra Fancy Durum, French Style, Bread, European Artisan Bread, Sir Lancelot High Gluten, Pastry, and Queen Guinevere cake, and Self Rising flour.

I also have Bob's Red Mill Teff and Spelt flour, Hodgson Mill Pasta Blend and 50/50, White Lily Self Rising (for good Southern buttermilk biscuits), Arrowhead Mills Soy, Brown Rice, Barley and Rye.

Oh, then there is the Kenyon's Grist Mill cornmeal, because a girl has to have her Rhode Island Johnny Cakes.

Do you think there is 12 Step program for flour?