Saturday, March 14, 2009

Weekend Cat Blogging: Oh Mom's Aching Head...

They say the mind is the first thing that goes when you get older but if you ask me, I'd say it's not age but going out with two sets of friends in one night and drinking too much red wine!

LB in Spring Sun

You see, Mom just woke up all grumpy because I was meowing in her face at 6AM. She got up and fed me and then went back to bed saying something about her head hurting.

When she came home at 1AM this morning, she was in a good mood and it was I who was grumpy because she came home after work, gave me some food and then went out again to play with her friends from work.

Then she met her good friend Erica and a friend of Erica's from Boston at The Ginger Man in Sono (South Norwalk), where they had drinks and good conversation.

When she came home, she gave me more food and went to bed. Leaving me to run through the house meowing in protest because normally she spends time with me at night. So, I figured if she wasn't going to spend time with me I wasn't going to let her get any sleep.

I don't think it worked because when I hopped up on the bed to see if she was awake she was drooling with her head smooshed up in between the pillows. She sure looked funny. Of course, that is one of my favorite ways to sleep.

LB Sleeping in "Comfy" Position

We're hosting Weekend Cat Blogging here at The Sour Dough.

Or rather "I'm" hosting Weekend Cat Blogging because Mom is sitting at the breakfast bar holding her head and muttering something about the "hair of the dog". I don't think this is Weekend Dog Blogging but we're pretty open minded in the cat world, and even dogs are ok...most of the time.

If you want to join us this weekend, just leave us a comment with a link to your WCB post.

I'll be doing a round up on Monday as Mom has a very important post for tomorrow; if she can stand the sound of the computer keys clicking....

3/15 Update - WCB #197 Round Up:

Mom's feeling much better but she's been cooking up a storm all weekend in the kitchen. Lots of good things!!

We had six kitties stop by and see us this weekend.

Starting out with our good friend Luna telling us about the neat new name she has.

catsynth luna_scritches_july_2008

We don't have any special names like that but sometimes Mom calls us by our full name, "Little Bastard" instead of LB. See not as musical as "Queen of the Night" at all!

The next one of our friends to come and say "hi" was Butch.


He and I are on the same wavelength when it comes to how to spend the afternoon.

Next Patchouli shows off his stalking skills.


I don't get to go outside anymore but sometimes I dream about walking through the tall grass. These days though, sleeping by the warm fire like Patchouli sounds much nicer.

Our good friend Marushka showed that this weekend really was made for napping


anywhere that looks comfy.

Meowza was outside announcing all sorts of good kittie events.


I think standing that way is the best.

Finally Samantha and Mr. Tigger came by to say hi!

WCB: SamanthamrtiggerJPG

Mom doesn't let me up on the counter but I'll bet she doesn't know I hop up there and do the dance of the seven jiggies when she isn't around. They're hosting next weekend too!

Thanks everyone for stopping by and seeing us this weekend.